Accredited calibration and repair of pipettes to ISO 8655

Fast, reliable, competent

VWR‘s manufacturer-independent pipette calibration service provides traceable results to the highest standards to ensure your instruments are compliant. 

Your benefits:

  • Accredited to ISO 17025 standard
  • Proven and verified quality
  • Detailed process documentation
  • All manufacturers
  • All liquid handling instruments including glassware
  • All types of examinations including customer specifications
  • Calibration to ISO 8655 standard
  • Creation of a as-found and as-left certificate
  • Use of original manufacturer spare parts

Based on 20 years of experience of calibrating, repairing and servicing pipettes, we have created Pipette Insurance Plans. These plans offer a complete package tailored to meet your needs:

VWR Light – economic calibration and adjustment

If for your pipettes are calibrated several times a year, maintenance might not be needed with every calibration. This PIP plan answers this need and can be easily combined with VWR Care, VWR Eco or VWR Pro plans.

VWR Eco – preventative maintenance, economic calibration and adjustment

When you do not need to comply with an ISO standard, VWR Eco is an economic solution for your pipettes. With an as-left calibration of 2*4 measurements and extensive preventative maintenance, we guarantee your pipettes are in perfect order at an economical cost.

VWR Pro – preventative maintenance, economic calibration and adjustment according to ISO 8655

As with the VWR Eco, we conduct extensive preventative maintenance to ensure your pipettes are always in perfect condition. Additionally, we conduct an as-left calibration of 3*10 measurements according ISO 8655.

VWR Care – ensuring your pipette is in top condition

Calibration is a standard in quality assurance, but what about preventative maintenance? VWR Care is for those customers who calibrate the pipette regularly, themselves, but who do not carry out preventative maintenance. In this package we will carry out the preventative maintenance without doing a calibration. With this package you keep your pipette in top condition but it does not assure that accuracy and repeatibility are within specification.

All our technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturers and our service centre in the Netherlands. Due to our ISO 17025 certification we can offer on-site calibration or, alternatively at our customer's site. VWR is the only company certified on all pipette manufacturers to the standards as stipulated by FDA, ISO and GMP/GLP requirements.