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Working in controlled environments requires the highest degree of diligence, expertise and top-quality products for contamination control. basan is your reliable partner in terms of products, services and expertise – and has been for more than 30 years. In 2012, basan became the cleanroom division of VWR International.

Production Application Notes

Production Application Notes

Reusable Garments

Quantus® - High performance reusable cleanroom garments: Garment Concepts, Garments, Under Garments, Decontamination and Leasing

Safety Goggles

For eye protection in cleanrooms and controlled environments, available with safety goggles, with panorama field of view, as spectacles and also as sterile version for single use.

Disposable Garments

A complete range of disposable garments for cleanrooms and controlled environments is available in different materials, styles and sizes.

Gloves and Fingercots

Find a large glove selection for every application (sterile, protective, textile, disposable Gloves)

Shoes and Boots

Shoes and boots for safety, protection and industry (clogs, professional shoes, safety shoes, shoes for wet areas) designed according to the European EN Standards.

Wipes and Swabs

Our cleanroom wipes are available in different variants and dimensions: dry, pre-wetted, sterile, non-sterile, with sealed borders.


Find a complete range of cleanroom compatible paper, notebooks and other writing materials as well as computer accessories for cleanrooms.

Mats and Flooring

Dust- and particle-collecting mats and special flooring to prevent contamination in cleanrooms


basan offers a wide range of sterile and non-sterile detergents and disinfectants for surfaces, CIP and skin and also hand care products.

Cleaning Systems

Cleaning Equipment and utilities made from stainless steel or plastic (bucket systems, mop systems)

Vacuum Cleaners

Mini-Vacuums (Hand-/Carrying Devices), Wet/Dry Vacuums, Explosion proof Vacuums and a wide range of accessories. Also needle traps and autoclavable sieve basket available.


We offer the entire furniture for your controlled environment and your cleanroom gowning area, especially a high quality stainless steel furniture.

Equipment for contamination control

Such as laminar flow units, wet processing equipment, dry storage systems, airborne disinfection, humidity calibrators, temperature monitoring.


Different cleanroom packaging types, available in various materials, dimensions and for different cleanroom classes.


Various devices appropriate to the area or product being ionised: Overhead ionisers, benchtop ionisers, ionising air guns.


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Meet our cleanroom specialists at important events. We are happy to discuss with you which product or service is suitable for your specific application.

Education Material

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