Cleanroom Tables

The stainless steel cleanroom furniture, which is electrically conductive, consists of vertical supports with solid faces and perforated horizontal tops to reduce disturbance of the vertically directed laminar flow. Moving and cleaning of the furniture is also facilitated. The holes in the tops have a diameter of 8-10 mm and are chamfered on both sides. Cleanroom equipment in chrom plated steel, melamine faced chipboard or plastic is also available.

Interactive workbench BlauTouch

A major contribution to both contamination control and efficiency in cleanrooms is provided by innovative furniture like the interactive workbench BlauTouch.

The workbench provides an ultra-clean technology without edges, cracks and other areas of potential contamination. The interactive area operates by means of a touch detection system to offer easy communication with computing devices. Contamination risks caused by particle releasing keyboards, mouses, computers or paper can be removed from critical work areas and the work surface itself is easy to clean and disinfect.

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