Aerospace and Automotive

Avantor Aerospace and Automotive

Avantor offers a wide-ranging line of products, equipment, and supplies to help the aerospace and automotive industries maintain the clean, controlled environments that are necessary for many manufacturing processes.

There is little room for error in aerospace and automotive manufacturing. That’s because a single manufacturing defect could cause a product failure that leads to a catastrophe. Avantor carries top-rated products from trusted brands to help aerospace and automotive manufacturers maintain the cleanliness standards they must meet every day.

Protective Apparel

Protective apparel from Avantor can help ensure that your controlled environments are as clean and aseptic as possible. Whether they are single-use or reusable, we can provide the latest in sterile garments to meet all your needs.

Cleanroom Gloves

Avantor offers a variety of quality-tested gloves that are suitable for use in ISO Class 3, 4, or 5 cleanrooms. Our gloves are available in several materials, sizes, and packages so they are easy-to-use and meet your specific needs.

Cleaning Systems

One of the most important factors in operating a cleanroom is being able to constantly maintain an aseptic environment. Avantor carries a full line of high-quality cleaning systems and supplies to help you meet that goal.

Detergents and Cleaners

Avantor has the products you need to maintain clean, aseptic environments, including hand creams and lotions, soaps and cleaners and disinfectants. The highly filtered products we carry are made to have little static and low ionic strength.


Avantor offers a complete line of wipers and dispensers to help you manage contamination spills in your controlled environment. Our wipers are designed, manufactured, and tested to meet your facility's cleanliness needs and requirements.

Production Supplies

Avantor offers a comprehensive selection of production supplies that meet the demanding requirements of the semiconductor and microelectronics industries. You can choose from thousands of high-quality products from the brands you know and trust.


You can find the swabs that best meet your needs from our comprehensive range of top-quality products for general use and controlled environment applications. We carry swabs made from a variety of materials to meet your special needs.

Labels and Documentation

Paper, labels and other documentation can introduce particles and contamination into a controlled environment. That’s why Avantor carries labeling and documentation products manufactured and packaged to minimize contamination.

Mats and Flooring

Floor mats in high-traffic areas and entryways can significantly reduce the amount of dust and dirt brought in by foot traffic and equipment wheels, as well as help reduce maintenance and cleaning costs, and prolong the life of floor finishes.