European standards for respiratory protection

Respirators are tested to the relevant European Standards and CE marked.
All respirators carry the CE mark plus the European Standard and performance category markings.

EN 149:2001+A1:2009: Filtering face piece and particulate respirators

  • NR Non reusable (single shift only)
  • R Reusable (must withstand cleaning and disinfecting)
  • Suffix D Optional Dolomite clogging test
  • Dolomite-tested: Test demonstrating the respirator’s resistance to clogging over time. This ensures better breathing comfort and less worker fatigue.

EN 405Valve filtering half mask respirators for gases and/or particulates
EN 140Half mask face pieces
EN 136Full face pieces
EN 137Self-contained open circuit compressed air breathing apparatus
EN 143Particulate filters
EN 146Powered respirators, hoods and helmets
EN 147Powered respirators, full face masks
EN 270Supplied air, heavy duty
EN 371Gas and/or combined filters for use against low boiling organic compounds
EN 402Escape apparatus. SCBA with full face mask or mouthpiece assembly
EN 529Respiratory selection, use and care
EN 1146Compressed air escapes apparatus with hood
EN 1835Supplied air, light duty
EN 12941Powered respirators, hoods and helmets
EN 12942Powered respirator, full face masks
EN 14387Gas and vapour filters

Classification particulate filters

FFFiltering respiratory face mask (FFP1 – FFP2 – FFP3)
TMTurbo mask (only for half or full face masks with air supply)
THTurbo hood (only for protective hoods or helmets with air supply)

Class Filter penetration limit Inward leakage APF *
1 - P1/FFP1 - To protect against coarse solid particles without specific toxicity Filters at least 80% of airborne particles <22% 4x
2 - P2/FFP2 - To protect against solid and/ or liquid aerosols identified as hazardous or irritating Filters at least 94% of airborne particles <8% 10x
3 - P3/FFP3 - to protect against toxic solid and/or liquid aerosols Filters at least 99% of airborne particles <2% 20x

* APF (Assigned Protection Factor)

Classification for gas and vapour filters

A1/B1Low capacity filter
A2/B2Medium capacity filter
A3/B3High capacity filter
Filter Class Capacity Max. concentration toxic substance in the polluted air
A1/B1 Low 0,1 vol. % (1000 ppm)
A2/B2 Medium 0,5 vol. % (5000 ppm)
A3/B3 High 1,0 vol. % (10000 ppm)
Type of particle, gas and vapour filters
Colour Filter type Substance
White P Particles
Brown A Organic gases and vapours (BP >65 °C)
Grey B Inorganic gases and vapours (excl. carbon monoxide CO)
Yellow E Sulphur dioxide and other acid gases and vapours
Green K Ammonia and organic ammonia derivatives
Red Hg - incorporates P3 filter, for single-use only Mercury
Blue NO – incorporates P3 filter for single-use only Oxides of nitrogen
Brown AX single-use only Organic gases and vapours (BP ≤65 ºC)
Violet SX + the name of the chemical Filters against specific substances as specified by the manufacturer