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VWR offers a multitude of promotions and special offers to help you save money.  Explore the options below and start saving now!

VWR Pipette Tips

Available with wide ranges of attributes to meet specific needs of different applications. Up to 50% OFF! While stocks last. *T&Cs Apply!

QuantaBio ToughMix

Easily Amplify your Difficult Samples with Quantabio ToughMix. Get your free sample today! T&Cs Apply!

Memmert Ovens and Incubators

Sizzling Hot Deals! Up to 27% off. Don’t miss it.

QuantaBio qScript Ultra Flex

New Product Launch! qScript Ultra Flex Kit, from Quantabio, for faster, longer and tougher next generation cDNA synthesis with flexible priming. Get your free sample today! T&Cs Apply!

QuantaBio Extracta Plus DNA and RNA Kits

NEW Arrival! Nucleic Acid Purification Kits: Get your free sample today! Buy 3 Get *1 FREE! T&Cs Apply!

PBIB Air Samplers

SAS Super ISO 180 & 100 USB and SAS Super DUO 360 for Sale

ULT Freezers Hot Deals with Free 1 Year Local Preventive Maintenance

Purchase your ULT Freezers selected range with us and Enjoy FREE Preventive Maintenance for the 1st Year T&Cs Apply!

VELP Voltex Mixers and Stirrers

Exclusive Promotions with special prices for VELP Benchtop equipments.

ACS Grade Focus

Chemicals for your sample preparation. Enjoy 30% off!

VWR Ovens and Incubators

Jaw Dropping Deals! Min. 20% OFF across various categories.

Pesticide Testing Chemicals and Columns

Avantor offers solutions to your chemical analysis in pesticide testing from gas chromatography to liquid chromatography

Eppendorf MOVE IT Space Adjustable Pipette

The NEW Move It® Tip Adjustable Spacing Multi-Channel Pipette. Enjoy 35% off.

IKA RV Rotary Evaporators

Suitable for a multitude of uses in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and other related industries.

Stirling CompressLess Portable and Undercounter ULT Freezers

Hurry! Year End Grand Sale. New! A Breakthrough in every aspect of ULT technology.

NanoEntek Cell Counting C-Chip

Hurry! Year End Grand Sale. New! Count your cells safely (No glass). Enjoy exclusive prices when you purchase 2 boxes or more.

Corning Cell Culture Wares

Hurry! Year End Grand Sale. Don’t miss this offer! Wide range available.

Pan Biotech ISF-1 Medium

Culturing hybridoma cells for Antibody purification. Buy 10 Get *1 FREE! T&Cs Apply!

QuantaBio sparQ PureMag Beads

Producing reliable and reproducible RNA clean up for your downstream applications.

VWR LC-MS Solvent and Addictives

VWR LC-MS solvents and addictives at Special 25% discount! Don’t miss this offer!

Panbiotech Pancoll Cell Separations

Cell separation solutions for your gene expression studies and diagnostic procedures. Buy 10 Get *1 free! T&Cs Apply!

Eppendorf Benchtop Centrifuge

Get Together your Compact High Capacity Benchtop Centrifuge. Limited units available on promotion only!

IKA RCT Heat Safely

Integrated Safety protects both sample and user

Eppendorf Concentrator Plus

Concentrator Plus that allows fast and carefree vacuum concentration of your samples.

OHAUS Starter 3100 PH Bench

Smart Bench Meters for all your Laboratory Applications

PAN Biotech Viral Transport Medium

A ready to use medium for transport of viral samples, such as throat and nasal swabs.

Eppendorf Pipette Flash Deals

Exclusive limited time promotions Liquid handling deals with Eppendorf

QuantaBio qPCR Tough Mix® Sampling Program

Request for your samples now!

Eppendorf Centrifuge Mega Deals

Great savings on Eppendorf centrifuges through VWR! - Promotion Ended on 16 Oct

Thermo Scientific Heracell VIOS CO2 incubator

SPECIAL OFFER! Complimentary FREE Health Check on your existing equipment with or withouy any purchase

All Purpose Paraflim® M

SPECIAL OFFER! Special promotion while stocks last!

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