Meet testo 440 multifunction air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument

Meet your highest standards of air velocity and indoor-air-quality (IAQ) control

°C – - °F - CO2 – CO - %rF –%rH - fpm - m/s – hPa – Lux

Imagine making a one-off investment in an air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument – and then being able to extend it easily and intuitive to suit your key applications.

One air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument supporting you reliable to meet your highest standards regarding quality assurance and safety regulations.

  • Just one instrument for all important air velocity and IAQ measurement demands
  • Intuitive wireless probe concept, quick and easy change of multiple digital probe heads
  • Highest product availability as digital probes can be calibrated without the instrument
  • Precise measurement of air flow in laboratory fume cupboards according to DIN EN 14175-3/-4
  • High accurate measurements especially for clean room applications

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