qScript™ XLT One-Step RT-qPCR ToughMix®

Supplier: Quantabio

QUNT95134-500EA 948 SGD
QUNT95134-500 QUNT95133-100 QUNT95134-100 QUNT95134-950B QUNT95132-600B QUNT95132-02K QUNT95133-500 QUNT95133-02K QUNT95132-950B QUNT95134-600B QUNT95132-125B QUNT95132-250B QUNT95132-100 QUNT95132-400B QUNT95134-125B QUNT95134-400B QUNT95134-02K QUNT95134-250B QUNT95132-500
qScript™ XLT One-Step RT-qPCR ToughMix®
Nucleic Acid Reagents qPCR/RT-qPCR Enzymes and Kits
qScript™ XLT One-Step RT-qPCR ToughMix® is a ready to use, highly sensitive master mix for reverse transcription quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) of RNA templates.

  • Overcomes common inhibitors including polysaccharides, heme/haemoglobin, humic acid and melanin
  • Suitable for fast or standard qPCR cycling conditions
  • Broad dynamic range ensures reliable data from precious samples
  • Multiplexing enabled - supports detection of up to four targets

qScript™ XLT One-Step RT-qPCR ToughMix® is a versatile and robust RT-qPCR reagent that provides maximum sensitivity and PCR efficiency with a variety of fluorogenic probe chemistries, including TaqMan® hydrolysis probes.
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