B.O.D. measurement, BOD EVO Sensor System 6

Supplier: VELP Scientifica

VELPS10220156EA 4110 SGD
VELPS10220156 VELPS10220146
B.O.D. measurement, BOD EVO Sensor System 6
BOD Measurement Systems
Respirometric measurement system for BOD without mercury for determining the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed by aerobic biological microorganisms in water.

  • Very simple to use and mercury-free
  • Real time data (in ppm BOD) is displayed on the sensor head of each bottle
  • Using wireless data transmission 5-day test can record results every 30 minutes up to every 24 hours
  • 6 sample bottles with a magnetic stirring station for ensuring reproducibility
  • Measurement ranges: 90/250/600/999 ppm BOD

The sensor uses manometric technology and microprocessor control to provide regular data measurements over defined periods. The sensors require 2 lithium batteries each and are IP 54 rated. Using the Wireless Databox™ and BODSoft™, the data from up to 80 samples can be monitored, compared and and stored.

Temperature control is usually required for the most reproducible results - please see entries for thermostatic cabinets and incubators which are supplied separately.

Delivery information: The BOD EVO Sensor systems include a 6-position stirring station with BOD sensors, dark glass sample bottles, alkali holders and stirring bars.
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