VWR®, Replica-plating tool

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VWRU25395-380 VWRU89033-116 VWRU25395-382
VWR®, Replica-plating tool
Microplate and Petri Dish Replicators
For colony replication, the Petri dish with the bacterial colonies in it is overturned, pressed into the fabric surface of the colony replicating platform and then removed. A replica of the original colonies (now sitting on the replicating platform) is then obtained by inverting a sterile Petri plate with appropriate nutrient agar in it and pressing it into the velveteen surface of the replicating platform.

  • Replicating device is easily disinfected after every use with ethyl alcohol or chlorine bleach
  • Can be used with 90 to 100 mm Petri dishes
  • Includes one bag of 12 sterile 100% cotton velveteen squares (152×152 mm)
  • Accurate, economical colony replication

Dimensions: Aluminium locking ring Ø 102 mm; PVC cylinder height 69 mm.

Ordering information: Replacement velveteen squares are available packed in a sealed bag with three inner locking bags each containing 12 squares (36 pieces in total).
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