Electro-blotting systems, omniPAGE Mini wide

Electro-blotting systems, omniPAGE Mini wide
Blotting Apparatus
The omniPAGE mini wide electroblotting system allows PAGE and blotting to be performed using the same universal tank and lid.

  • Transfer capability for up to six 10×10cm or three mini wide gels in as little as an hour; low-intensity transfers may also be performed overnight
  • Platinum-wire electrodes 8 cm apart generate a powerful electric field for efficient transfer; an optional plate-electrode insert is available for rapid 2-gel transfers
  • Cool pack which, when frozen an hour before use, slots conveniently into the tank to provide a low-cost, efficient heat sink during fast high-intensity transfers
  • Open design, rigid cassettes maximise current transfer and eliminate ‘shadow band’ formation; colour-coded to ensure proper orientation within the blotting system

Delivery information: Each complete system includes PAGE insert, 2× 4 mm thick notched glass plates, 2× 4 mm plain glass plates with 1,0 mm thick bonded spacers, 1× dummy plate, 2× combs (1 mm thick, 24 samples), casting base, silicone mat, and cooling pack.
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