VWR®, Pipette tips, Pak Rak™ Express reload system

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VWR®, Pipette tips, Pak Rak™ Express reload system
Pipette Tips
These tips are made of high quality 100% pure virgin medical grade PP. Made in the highest quality moulds, these tips can be used whenever the work demands a higher standard.

  • A wider seal ensures that tips will seal easily and consistently without leaking
  • Guaranteed free of detectable DNA, DNase/RNase, endotoxins and heavy metals
  • Graduated tips only: Graduations allow a visual check of pipetting accuracy
  • Sterile products are tested for endotoxin (pyrogen) contamination and are certified to USP standards
  • Resins are pre-tested for metal contamination
  • Certificates are on file by lot number for all test results

Tip styles:

Bevel Point: Pipette tips that feature bevelled points are designed to retain less fluid and are a good choice for a multitude of procedures.
UltraFine: Pipette tips with Ultrafine™ point feature a thin flexible section at the end that is non bevelled and very flexible. This helps you dispense the last tiny amount of sample from the tip.
FlexTop: These ultimate tips feature a uniquely thin and flexible top that conforms to the pipette barrel unlike any other tips. This design allows them to mount and eject from most pipettes with forces that help eliminate the potential for repetitive strain injuries.
Wide orifice: Extra wide opening allows you to pipette macrophages or sticky DNA materials. Bevelled end helps eliminate carry over from viscous solutions.
Low retention: These tips are made with a special resin that reduces the potential for sample retention inside the tip. They will help users reduce sample loss when performing protein research. They are lot certified to be free of protease as well as nuclease.

Pak Rak™ Express refills: These refills can be used to instantly load empty racks. A simple downward push dispenses 96 tips into an 8×12 rack. Components are fully autoclavable. The starter kits include the loader, 10 empty refillable racks, and one Pak Rak refill. Pak Rak refills contain one 8×12 rack and pipette tips to fill additional racks, decreasing the packaging waste of standard tip boxes. Use of refills with system loader eliminates the risk of contamination from hands or gloves.
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