VWR®, Sucrose (Brix) standards, stabilised solutions for refractometry

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VWRC87005.015EA 114 SGD
VWRC87005.015 VWRC87011.015 VWRC87013.015 VWRC87018.015 VWRC87003.015 VWRC87000.015 VWRC87016.015 VWRC87002.015 VWRC87007.015 VWRC87009.015 VWRC87022.015 VWRC87012.015 VWRC87006.015 VWRC87001.015 VWRC87004.015 VWRC87015.015 VWRC87014.015 VWRC87008.015 VWRC87019.015 VWRC87021.015
VWR®, Sucrose (Brix) standards, stabilised solutions for refractometry
Standards Refractive Index Standards
A range of Brix/refractive index standards for ease of use when calibrating all types of refractometers.

  • Manufactured using high purity raw materials
  • Contain the same raw materials as the ICUMSA range, but are stabilised to have an extended shelf life of 12 months

These products represent excellent value for users that are not required to follow ICUMSA Guidelines.

Note: The Brix scale is shown with the degree type symbol (x°) but it equates to the % concentration of the stabilised sucrose solution used.
Therefore 0° = 0% concentration
5° = 5% concentration

* The refractive index value in the table below refers to the nominal refractive index and is taken from the ICUMSA published tables for all product numbers except 87022.015 (Brix value 67,5°) which is a measured value.
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