VWR® PHP pipettes

Supplier: VWR, part of Avantor
VWRA613-6713EA 501 SGD
VWRA613-6713 VWRA613-6714 VWRA613-6715 VWRA613-6716 VWRA613-6717 VWRA613-6718 VWRA613-6719 VWRA613-6694 VWRA613-6695 VWRA613-6696 VWRA613-6697 VWRA613-6698 VWRA613-6699 VWRA613-6710 VWRA613-6711 VWRA613-6712 VWRA613-6690 VWRA613-6691 VWRA613-6692 VWRA613-6693 VWRA613-6702 VWRA613-6703 VWRA613-6704 VWRA613-6705 VWRA613-6706 VWRA613-6707 VWRA613-6708 VWRA613-6709 VWRA613-6720 VWRA613-6688 VWRA613-6721 VWRA613-6689 VWRA613-6722 VWRA613-6700 VWRA613-6701
VWR® PHP pipettes
Pipettes Micropipettes
VWR PHP Pipettes are fully autoclavable, high performance pipettes with low plunger force.

  • Superior accuracy & precision (tested in ISO 17025 accredited lab)
  • Magnet assisted piston for low plunger force and lesser chance of RSI
  • PVDF tip cone for durable performance
  • Large and clear 4 digit display; color coding for easy identification
  • 3-Year warranty

VWR PHP Pipettes are Precise High Performance, fully autoclavable pipettes, that are available in Single and Multi Channel range. VWR PHP offers one of the lowest plunger forces and a durable tip cone. The tip ejector is made using special corrosion resistant alloy, protecting it against chemical and physical corrosion. The pipette has an effortless tip ejection with unique shock absorbing mechanism. The tip cone is spring loaded for lesser strain and proper tip fitment for precise pipetting (for Multi Channel only).
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