VWR®, Pipette Tips

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VWRA612-6660EA 49.4 SGD
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VWR®, Pipette Tips
Pipette Tips
VWR® Pipettes tips are made from high-quality virgin polypropylene in a 100K cleanroom manufacturing facility.

  • Highly transparent tips, produced through high-quality diamond finish mold and special FDA approved medical grade virgin polypropylene
  • Innovative design for compatibility with a range of pipettes, ensuring minimum force requirement during loading and ejection
  • Ideal match for highly sensitive PCR works
  • Produced in a fully automatic, human touch-free, cleanroom production facility
  • Free from RNase, DNase, Human DNA, Pyrogen, and PCR inhibitor
  • Free of lubricants and heavy metals
  • Graduation marks on all tips act as visual checks to minimize the risk of errors during sample spiration

VWR® Pipette tips are available with wide ranges of attributes to meet specific needs of different applications. Bulk tips, racked tips, filter tips, low retention tips, individually wrapped tips, and reloadable tips are all available with universal compatibility.

Certifications: 100K cleanroom standard.
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