Multi-channel pipettes, adjustable spacing, Move It®

Supplier: Eppendorf

Xplorer plus® Move-It® Research® plus Move-It®
EPPE4861000.818EA 3890 SGD
EPPE4861000.818 EPPE3125000.184 EPPE3125000.141 EPPE4861000.816 EPPE4861000.817 EPPE3125000.150 EPPE3125000.192 EPPE4861000.781 EPPE4861000.795 EPPE4861000.782 EPPE3125000.117 EPPE3125000.206 EPPE4861000.794 EPPE4861000.833 EPPE3125000.168 EPPE3125000.125 EPPE3125000.133 EPPE4861000.834 EPPE3125000.176 EPPE4861000.835
Multi-channel pipettes, adjustable spacing, Move It®
Pipettes Micropipettes
Move It® is an adjustable spacing multichannel pipette that allows easy format changes with 70% time-savings compared to single-channel pipettes.

  • For plates (384, 96, 48, 24 and 12-well), tubes (1,5 and 2,0 ml), and agarose gels
  • Tip spacing freely selectable from 4,5 to 33 mm, depending on pipette variant
  • Spacing control for quick switches backwards and forwards between source and destination formats
  • Manual adjustment knob for smooth vibration-free format switches and liquid transfers without dripping
  • Tubeless system for reliability and safety

The unique tubeless design enables autoclavability, for reduced risk of contamination and better sample integrity. The Research® plus is fully autoclavable and the Xplorer® plus is partially autoclavable (lower part only).

Certifications: Lot-specific certificate.
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