J.T.Baker®, Robotic Tips Type TE

Supplier: Avantor
BAKR49002-0007EA 375 SGD
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J.T.Baker®, Robotic Tips Type TE
Pipette Tips
Suitable for use on Tecan Freedom EVO or Tecan Fluent. Available in conductive and non conductive versions, with or without filter, and in CE-IVD marked version for clinical diagnostic applications.

  • Manufactured under cleanroom conditions (cleanroom Class 8)
  • State-of-the-art quality control
  • Ideal for high throughput analysis
  • Packed in cardboard or blister

J.T.Baker® robotic tips type TE are suitable for use on Tecan Freedom EVO (typically uses tips in S-Tray = hanging tray), Tecan Fluent (typically uses tips in C-Tray for ANSI/SLAS format tip box) and other OEM robotic instruments.
The validation of the tips on the instrument for specific applications is within the responsibility of the user.

Ordering information: Empty tip boxes need to be ordered separately for single stack refill C-trays.
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