Biohazard bags, PP

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VWRI129-1550EA 133 SGD
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Biohazard bags, PP
Bags Waste Disposal Bags
Sturdy bags, ideal for disposing of biologically hazardous waste that must first be autoclaved. Complete with wire closures that allow expansion of the bag and ventilation when cooling. Highly resistant to tears and punctures. Available as transparent bags without temperature indicator, or orange with temperature indicator. PP, 50 µm thick, with 'Biohazard' label.

  • Autoclavable up to 135 °C
  • The useful temperature indicator text is white before autoclaving, then black
  • 'Contents Have Been Autoclaved' indicates successful autoclaving
  • Highly visible 'Biohazard' label with the corresponding warning sign

Certifications: Bags meet the requirements of the 165 g puncture inspection standard as described in ASTM D 709-98.
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