Centrifuges, benchtop, ventilated/refrigerated, 5702 / 5702 R / 5702 RH (IVD marked)

Supplier: Eppendorf

EPPE5704000.016EA 12530 SGD
EPPE5704000.016 EPPE5703000.322 EPPE5703000.063 EPPE5703000.012 EPPE5703000.462 EPPE5703000.489 EPPE5702000.019 EPPE5703000.420 EPPE5702000.329 EPPE5704000.067 EPPE5702000.060 EPPE5702000.361 EPPE5703000.365 EPPE5703000.381
Centrifuges, benchtop, ventilated/refrigerated, 5702 / 5702 R / 5702 RH (IVD marked)
Centrifuges Benchtop Centrifuges
The 5702 range of centrifuges is ideal for medical routine, clinical and biotechnology research.

  • User friendly control panel with a small number of clearly labelled function keys and easy to read LCD display
  • Speed can be set from 100 min⁻¹ to a maximum of 4400 min⁻¹
  • Automatic, motorised lid locking
  • Slow startup and braking through the SOFT function
  • Stainless steel rotor chamber (rust-proof)
  • FastTemp function for fast precooling (5702 R/RH)
  • Active heating guarantees high temperature accuracy during the entire centrifugation cycle (only 5702 RH)

The heated and refrigerated centrifuge 5702 RH allows centrifugation under biological conditions to improve cell viability for more accurate results in downstream applications (e.g. cell cultivation). All centrifuges are designed for separating liquid substance mixtures with different densities, in particular, for processing and analysing samples from the human body in in-vitro diagnostic applications to ensure that the in-vitro diagnostic device can be used according to its intended purpose.

There are different rotor options available to accommodate any type of tube. Rotors, buckets and lids are autoclavable. The centrifuges have induction motors and a timer which can be set for up to 90 minutes or for continuous operation.
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