Optimizer PCR Workstation™

Supplier: C.B.S. Scientific
CBSCP-030-202-DEA 5180 SGD
CBSCP-030-202-ILD CBSCP-048-202SSILD CBSCP-036-202ILA CBSCP-030-202SSILD CBSCP-048-202SSILA CBSCP-048-202ILD CBSCP-030-202-D CBSCP-036-202-A CBSCP-030-202ILA CBSCP-030-202-SS-A CBSCP-030-202-A CBSCP-036-202-ILD CBSCP-030-202SSILA CBSCP-036-02-A CBSCP-048-202-A CBSCP-048-02-A CBSCP-036-202SSILD CBSCP-048-02-D CBSCP-036-202-SS-A CBSCP-030-02-D CBSCP-030-02-A CBSCP-036-202-D CBSCP-036-02-D CBSCP-036-202SSILA CBSCP-048-202ILA
Optimizer PCR Workstation™
Fume Hoods and Enclosures PCR Workstation Enclosures
Acid-resistant black formica or durable stainless steel work surface, tempered safety glass fascia.

  • Access doors close to prevent contamination, and slide into a storage compartment in the base during experimental procedures
  • Hinged glass fascia can be easily lifted out of the way for placement and removal of a thermal cycler, or other large equipment
  • Dual fluorescent lamps provide work surface with excellent visibility
  • Dual UV bulb option delivers twice the intensity of UV light and helps to irradiate areas that might otherwise be inaccessible, particularly recommended when the Workstation is being used to decontaminate apparatus and reagents
  • Safety interlock automatically shuts off UV light when hood is opened

The Optimizer PCR Workstation™ is designed to protect against contamination in sensitive PCR amplification reactions in two ways. Firstly, UV irradiation of the working area prior to use blocks replication of contaminating DNA sequences by causing adjacent pyrimidines to undergo dimerisation. Secondly, it protects against cross or airborne contamination by limiting exposure of the experimental set-up to the open laboratory environment. Available in three sizes, each with plenty of interior space for PCR reaction supplies and thermal cycler. A single electrical outlet and two fluorescent lamps are mounted in the stainless steel ceiling. Each workstation is equipped with a 12-hour countdown timer with time-hold position.
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