Extracta™ DNA Prep for PCR - Tissue

Supplier: Quantabio

QUNT95091-002EA 30.6 SGD
QUNT95091-002 QUNT95091-250 QUNT95091-025
Extracta™ DNA Prep for PCR - Tissue
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The Extracta™ DNA prep for PCR - tissue consists of a two component reagent kit for rapid and efficient extraction of PCR-ready genomic DNA from mammalian tissues. The kit has been demonstrated to work with mouse tail biopsies, ear punches and a variety of human tissue samples including hair, buccal cells and saliva.

  • Simple, fast protocol
  • Compatible with laboratory automation
  • DNA is suitable for qPCR, high resolution melt analysis, endpoint PCR and other applications
  • Works with wide range of tissue
  • Optional 10 minute protocol for high throughput applications

The genomic DNA is suitable for sensitive downstream PCR applications including end-point PCR, High Resolution Melt Analysis (HRM) and quantitative real time PCR (qPCR) without requiring any additional clean-up. In addition, the extracted DNA may be used in multiplexed PCR applications such as transgene or knock-out analyses. Tissue extractions can be performed in tubes, plates or deep well blocks to allow for adaptation to workflow and automation on liquid handling workstations.
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